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Suffolk County SPCA offers $2,000 reward for culprit who neglected Shih Tzu

Suffolk County SPCA
Suffolk County SPCA
If you look closely, you can see his tiny pink tongue in that ugly mass of fur. Look how adorable he is in his "after" photo.

Last week a tiny dog was a tangled mass of stinky fur who could hardly walk; no one could even figure out his back from his front except to hunt for his nose so he could find some scraps of food to stay alive. And that was the life of a terribly neglected dog found at an abandoned house according to the Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The person who brought the dog, now named Ziggy, to the Town of Babylon Animal Shelter told the staff he found the pooch at an abandoned home at 131 South 7th Street in Lindenhurst, New York.

According to, the dog weighs about 11 pounds and is estimated to be between five and six years old. It took two groomers, three hours of clipping four pounds of disgustingly filthy fur, to find the little dog under the mess. Even after Ziggy was shaved down, and his overgrown nails were trimmed, he could barely stand. He will now be undergoing intensive physical therapy at the New York Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center in Farmingdale.

ASPCA Chief Roy Gross canvassed the neighborhood to find out that the tenants who had lived in the abandoned home had moved out a year ago.

The Babylon Animal Shelter sends their thanks to everyone helping little Ziggy and on their Facebook page announced:

"... we have to say THANK YOU to Detective Caracci for stepping to the plate and coming to bat for us even after he was off the clock when we made the call. I am pretty sure that he felt as amazed as we did witnessing the new Ziggy emerge as we worked hard to end his suffering. Many thanks to the Veterinarians and staff at New York Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center. We were incredibly disappointed after freeing Ziggy from his suffering, only to find that he was still unable to walk due to the distress his body had endured for such a long period of time. But after visiting with him today, we were ecstatic to see what an amazing job they have done with his physical therapy and he was even able to get up to a little trot today."

It's always comforting to know there are far more good people in this world fighting for these innocent animals than the "bad guys," but we're going to get them and see them punished to the fullest extent of the law.

If anyone has any information about this dog, please call the Suffolk County SPCA at 631.382.7722.

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