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Suffolk County businessman arrested for sexual exploitation of 3-year old

If convicted Valerio could face 15-30 years in prison.
Getty Images/file photo

Suffolk County police arrested Smithtown real estate investor Joseph Valerio Sunday on charges that he paid a Ukrainian woman thousands of dollars to send him between “20-30” videos of her sexually molesting her 3-year old daughter.

According to a complaint filed by federal eastern district prosecutor Allen Bode, Valerio, 47, “scripted” the sexually explicit action he wanted recorded.

In the meantime, the (unidentified) woman, told FBI agents in the Ukraine that he had threatened to cut off sending her money if she refused to continue. She also stated that she had lived with him for several months at his Long Island home before going back to her own country when her tourist visa expired. At this time there is no word on what (if any) charges would be brought against her.

However, Valerio could spend anywhere from 15-30 years in jail if convicted. He is presently due to be released on $3 million bail pending proof that he owns property equal to that value if he tries to run. In addition federal judge A. Kathleen Tomlinson has ordered that he undergo psychological evaluation and where an electronic monitoring bracelet while remaining under house arrest at his mother’s home. In addition, there are to be no cell phones or computers available to him while there.

In a similar, but unrelated cases, a Florida woman was arrested last week for “allegedly” trying to prostitute her 15-year old daughter during the Super Bowl, while FBI agents rescued another 16 children between 13-17 years old forced to work as prostitutes in anticipation of the sporting event. Six were found in New York City, six in Newark and four in New Haven, CT.

More than 50 adult women forced to work as prostitutes were also rescued by federal agents (some of which were from other countries), and more than 45 pimps were taken into custody by federal authorities in recent weeks.

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