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Stuffering and coping
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Suffering? Is everyone prone to suffer? Why do some dodge the inevitable pain that most encounter? Is there justice in this world when it comes to pain and suffering?

Those that come from "good" homes where parents are loving and kind; hard working to ensure the family is well provided for, yet, for some unknown reason these good people suffer at times greatly. There is no logical reason. Suffice to say bad things happen to good people...

Others raised in an extremely dysfunctional home with addictive parents who suffered greatly, and in turn cause much heartache to the family, especially the children. Fair? Justified? Children and spouses didn't sign up for the suffering at marriage or during birth, yet, with all the forces of evil; suffering and pain assault them. Some of these children grow up to lead healthy productive lives and if their past was unknown it would seem to others they were always blessed. Fair? Right? Justified? Real?

How does one survive a destiny of ongoing suffering? If indeed it is destiny itself leading the way. Is there not a God in heaven that could rescue; intervene or arrest such an onslaught of tragedy?

There are no guarantees in life. Tragic events happen to the good and the bad. Wrong happens to the good, and free passes happen to the seemingly worst criminals at times. In short. Life isn't fair. We are not promised a life of happiness and good will at birth. Each lives out their own destiny.

Not one person can predict the future nor stop a change of events as they are happening. It is not the event of injustice that occurs, rather its how ones proceeds thereafter that counts; either emerging from a crisis better or bitter.

When situations and tragedy occurs each individual has a choice to make on how to proceed. Stress causes people to do crazy things. It is imperative that one has a circle of trusted friends to turn to in the event of a crisis. Especially if one is prone to depression during stressful times.

Isolation and depression are extremely unfavorable coping mechanisms for anyone; especially for those prone to clinical depression or those who "bottle" up emotions.

Healthy coping is talking things out with a group within a 12-step program, therapy groups, counselors or trusted friends. Beware of sharing with close family and relatives where there is much dysfunction. This may not a healthy alternative!

Good is a place to research a group to discuss overwhelming issues. Picking up the phone and asking for help is the most difficult thing to do for some, however, please note pride is the culprit for stopping one for reaching for help.

Isolation is the most powerful tool evil forces have against the human raise. Divide and conquer are their main objective. Everything we do as humans will effect others in a very real and direct way.

Negative and unhealthy coping skills are not conducive to living life to the fullest. Everyone is capable of surviving with or without pain and suffering. It all depends on ones attitude.

Through the most difficult of times of suffering one is able to mature and grow if bitterness isn't allowed to creep in to destroy opportunities to better ones life.

No suffering seems good at the time; however after a season one is able to reflect on how the situation has changed each one involved.

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