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Suddenly single? Gaining from the loss of a girlfriend

“I think we should see other people” are seven words that spell the end of a relationship, and sometimes losing a lot more than your girlfriend. Breakups are difficult for daters whether they’ve been in a three month relationship or a thirty three year marriage, but becoming available again can be beneficial to you in the following ways.

New found freedom…
Becoming single means you’re no longer burdened about going to the places and seeing the people she gave you grief about when you were dating. You can now enjoy eating wings with your friends at Duff’s instead of being forced to choke down her culinary creations, or join your Wednesday night slo-pitch league rather than getting dragged to the couples’ fitness class she signed up you two up for behind your back.

More time to dedicate to yourself and your personal goals…
Closely connected with the freedom to partake in activities your ex objected to, being single frees up more time for you to pursue your life dreams. Breaking up, though perceived as negative, can be beneficial especially if you were planning on putting in more hours toward your career or your education. Night classes are now yours to get that masters degree, with distraction free study time to ensure your success.

A learning experience…
Before you look forward to your next favored female, it’s important to look back at your last relationship. As bad as it seems, thinking back to the breakup can help you draw conclusions about what you did wrong in that relationship, so that you can avoid making the same mistake in the future. By probing into this, you may learn through your ex or one of your mutual friends that your bad habit of throwing your laundry all over the floor instead of the hamper, was what hampered any chances of carrying your relationship further.

Even when in a deep and intimate relationship with someone, sometimes “seeing other people” is a positive instead of a negative. An opportunity to take advantage of the direction you’re respective lives are headed in, giving you the full time commitment required to accomplish something like your doctorate or a promotion in your career and the status of your life.


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