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Suddenly 9/11

I was getting ready for work on a normal, typical day, 12 years ago. There was nothing spectacular going on; it was simply just another day. I had the television on in the living room, while getting dressed in the bedroom. While headed to the kitchen, I pass the television, and hear something strange. When I look up, I see what appears to be a clip from a Hollywood movie. There was a plane, flying through a building….another stunt for an upcoming movie, I think. I look below the picture, and I see the caption, which makes me begin to actually listen to what is being said; while they show this same news clip again.

Realizing that this is devastating; I had no idea how devastating it truly was, until time went by, and there was another occurrence. Then as the day went on, it was realized that this was no mishap; but a planned terror attack. Thousands of people, who had awakened as I had, to a normal, typical day, had lost their lives, unexpectedly. There were even more individuals and families who were grieving; mourning; saddened; breathless; overtaken; numb; broken and feeling like they were in a bad dream ( a nightmare), trying to wake up, but unable to.

This nation has continued to suffer after effects; though trying to heal. The economy has never recovered; the pain is still there for the loss of lives; battles and high security levels; fear and brokenness. Sure people have moved on; but for those who are directly affected; the pain is still there. I think about the ‘suddenlys’ in our lives. One minute everything is fine, and then ‘suddenly’ , something happens, and everything changes. Nothing in this world is certain, except that things will always change.

As we spend our time chasing after the temporal things in life; we should remember that money; titles; fine houses and big cars; partying and riotous living, is vanity; it is subject to change. What is important are the people that we love; opportunities to share GOD’S WORD; walking with

CHRIST and making sure that we are ready for our last day, because tomorrow is NOT promised.
What if we lived today as though it were our last; taking advantage of every opportunity to love on people; to share the gospel with the lost; to be there for our family; step out in faith to do as GOD has instructed us to do? What if we lived today as though it were our last; forgiving those who have hurt us; helping those who cannot repay us; sharing hope with those who have given up? What if we lived today as though it were our last; loving without fear; giving without limit; moving forward without looking back; praying without ceasing; obeying GOD without compromise; standing on the WORD without wavering?

What if we realized that ‘suddenly’ everything can change? We must take advantage of every moment; make the most of every opportunity; and focus on the things that matter. Remember, 9/11 was a day of horrible devastating events, that affected this nation...let us remember that people have personal 9/11’s every day; unexpected ‘suddenlys’ that uproot their lives and change their direction. What if we live on purpose today, as we remember those who were killed without cause; and those who suffer silently?

Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.” James 4:14

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