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Sudden presence of seas of sunflowers commands an audience 9.10.2010

Sunkist Morning
Sunkist Morning 9.10.2010
Copyright Angela Mancinelli

A quiet uninhabited drive down Jarrettsville Pike under looming clouds hiding a perfectly blue sky and suddenly across the fields the reveal of millions of sunny faces. No not people but fields of sunflowers. You have to visit the sunflower farm to understand the awesomeness of them. I rushed home to get my camera and fellow photographer to return to this bountiful beautiful bouquet.

Upon arrival passers had begun to stop and accumulate. No one could resist taking a picture even using cell phones. Heading into the bee flocked fields the murmurs of delighted people hummed through the crops. Almost every sunflower stem was wrapped with a blue flowering morning glory vine. It was all so lovely at this hour. Later a man approached us to tell us he came because he read about the sunflowers in the Washington Post which we hadn't known about. For us as for many it was the sunflowers that stopped us. All our plans were off and they were the focus of the morning. Artists set up for a day of painting, children played and families hugged each other amidst the yellow blanket of pollen beaming for a photo. Insects and eyelashes alike were covered in yellow dust.

As we walked to the car we realized the new position of the sunflowers as they continued to turn their heads toward the moving sun. While we photographed a farm down the road, a man from Virginia asked us for directions to the sunflowers holding up a map. Although we were on our way out, this phenomenon was going to absorb attention from afar for some time. It was amazing to see this stunning and perfect display of nature. Thank the farmer for sharing it with us all and enjoy the photos I took but please if you haven't already take a ride up to see them yourself as they are beginning to dry and will be seed in too few short weeks. This is just to majestic to miss.


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