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Sudanese government rearrests Sudanese family at airport: take note US

The Sudanese government rearrested Daniel and Meriam at the the airport as they were attempting to leave with their children by 40 security forces.
The Sudanese government rearrested Daniel and Meriam at the the airport as they were attempting to leave with their children by 40 security forces.

In a game that should remind America about the trustworthiness regarding the word of Sudanese authorities, less than 24-hours after the release of Merian Yehya Ibrahim, husband Daniel Wani, and two small children were arrested by 40 security forces as they attempted to leave Sudan.

It was a heartless display of hypocrisy and corruption combined according to Mohaned Mustafa El-Nour who is Meriam's legal representative. An appeals court had found that the lower court’s ruling was faulty and ordered the release of Meriam and her two small children, one whom she had given birth will in prison.

This is the third time Meriam has been arrested on the same trump up charge of apostasy which she disputes was ever done. Meriam was raised as a Christian by her mother after her Muslim father had abandoned them when she was a small child.

As a young woman Meriam met and married American Daniel Wani, an American citizen, which makes both Meriam and her small newly born child American citizens. A delicate cat and mouse political game has emerged as the fundamentalist Sudanese government are clearly using Meriam and family as political treasures to toy with.

A force of 40 people arresting one Christian family of four attempting to leave a suppressive regime demonstrates the political example the Sudanese government wants to use for their own ends. It is no longer a case about Meriam’s alleged apostasy.

Outrage was quickly articulated by two United State congressmen in a statement released to Reporter Morgan Lee of the Christian Post, Trent Franks-R of Arizona, and Frank Wolf-R of Virginia who said,

“We request the United State Department, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, review granting Mrs. Ibrahim Significant Public Benefit Parole, asylum or refuge status, as appropriate. In short, we urge that every legal means necessary be exhausted to ensure that she and her young children are proved safe haven”.

Daniel Wani being detained by Sudanese officials further complicates things since Mr. Wani is an American citizen. Since at least three of the family are definitely American citizens by American law, the Sudanese government has a clear diplomatic problem that is now an international hot potato.

Meriam was reported forced to give birth in prison to one of her children, and was still required to wear an ankle chain while in labor which was kept attached to the prison wall. It is merely a small snap shot of the compassion the government has for their Sudanese Christian citizens.

Meanwhile international condemnation and attention to Meriam’s situation is having an impact regarding the Sudanese executing the 100 lashes that have been ordered and Meriam’s death sentence. Sudan’s track record of brutality against Christians in the past bears a tremendous shadow of injustice that has Meriam at great risk.

Meriam has become a symbol of Christian persecution, and the Sudanese government has no viable reason to keep her locked up.

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