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Sudan a forgotten hunger crisis

Displaced people take refuge inside UNAMID's base in Khor Abeche.
Displaced people take refuge inside UNAMID's base in Khor Abeche.
Albert Gonzalez Farran, UNAMID

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is warning of increasing hunger in Sudan, including Darfur. The FAO says 3.3. million people in Sudan are suffering from hunger now, but the number will increase to 4 million this year. One out of every nine people in Sudan will be a victim of hunger.

Abdi Adan Jama, chief of FAO Sudan, pleads, "Sudan is a forgotten crisis that is only getting worse. We urgently need to ensure vulnerable herders and farmers affected by the situation are in a position to regain their livelihoods, feed their families, reduce their dependency on food aid and rebuild their lives.”

Conflict has displaced around 262,300 people in Darfur since February. A Sudanese government counter-insurgency force called the Rapid Support Forces has attacked communities in Darfur. They have burned villages, sending people fleeing to UN Peacekeeping (UNAMID) bases. The struggle between armed rebel groups and the government continues to cause immense suffering. There has also been fighting between tribes over resources.

UNAMID representative Mohamed Ibn Chambas states, "After 10 years it is evident that the military solution is not the way forward in Darfur and that all must be done to seek a negotiated political solution to the conflicts and that we need to intensity our efforts to mediate between the different ethnic groups that are fighting with one other."

Sudan is also feeling the impact of poor harvests, dwindling food supplies, and increasing market prices. These factors are crushing an already impoverished population.

In addition, Sudan is hosting refugees from the conflict in South Sudan. The UN World Food Programme (WFP) is leading hunger relief in Sudan, including Blue Nile. The UN food agency depends on voluntary donations but is feeling the strain of massive operations in South Sudan and Central African Republic.

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