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Successful ways to ask for money

Learn some of the most successful ways to ask for money and get it.
Photo by Dave Dugdale via Flickr

Many of us could use some extra money in these days. Whether it is for something big or small, we have our reasons for needing a few spare finances. On that note, here are some ways you can ask for money and have a good chance of receiving it.

Small portions

Whenever you ask for money, make sure that you are humble. Asking for money in small portions is a good way to get money fast.

Good idea support

Having a great idea about what you could do if you had some extra money, can lead you into the funding you desire. People every day, and at any given moment are ready to give cash to support good causes.

Tip jar

If you run a restaurant or other special service, leaving a tip jar at the counter can generate some extra income. Some people see tip jars and fill obligated to tip your business. Just make sure the tip jar is visible, and add some pocket change along with a dollar bill to make the jar look used.


Last but not the least, asking for a donation is another easy and successful way to ask for money. When you do so, try having a reward to give to the contributor. Snack or drink rewards can generate multiple incoming donations; especially when no specific amount of contribution is required.

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