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Successful Newarkers lived in Lincoln Park

This is a view of Lincoln Park today.
This is a view of Lincoln Park today.
Lucy Santos

Lincoln Park is a place where there are several iconic statues that is still surrounded by beautiful homes and apartments. In the summer, crowds come together to enjoy the jazz concerts at the park. There is a rich history at Lincoln Park, for many Newarkers who helped shape lived in Lincoln Park. The majority of these Newarkers were shrewd businessmen. While others excelled in politics, medicine and art. Two entrepreneurs, Christian William Fergenspan and Gottfried Krueger, who both lived at Lincoln Park, started profitable breweries in Newark.

Christian William Fergenspan started his brewery business in 1875 at 49 Charlton Street in Newark. His beer bottles contained the logo, “P.O.N” (Pride of Newark). Fergenspan even had distinction, for he won the silver medal at the Paris Exposition in 1877 for his export beer. Eventually, Fergenspan sold his brewery to the P. Ballantine & Sons.

Gottfried Krueger and his uncle established the Krueger Brewing Company in 1858. On January 24, 1935, this family business made history by producing the first beer in cans. The Krueger Brewing Company is still in business today, not only producing beer but many other nonalcoholic beverages.

Franklin Murphy, who owned a flourishing varnish company, also lived in Lincoln Park. In fact, he not only stood out in business but in politics as well. Murphy, who was a true patriot, who served in the Civil War in 1861 when he was just sixteen years old, became the 31st Governor of New Jersey from 1901 to 1904. He was responsible for creating the Essex Park System, the first county park in the United States, a place that so many Newarkers and tourists enjoy today.

When Christian William Fergenspan sold his estate in Lincoln Park, Henry Kessler bought Fergenspan’s home and relocated to Lincoln Park. Kessler, who was an orthopedic surgeon during World War II, dedicated his life to the well being of others. He started the Kessler Institute, a hospital that heals patients and enables them to gain their independence.

Other Newarkers who lived in Lincoln Park were John Peshine and Isaac Bannister who were both leather makers. After the Civil War, David Dood, who was a jewelry designer, also purchased a home in Lincoln Park. Sarah Vaughan, the legendary jazz singer, who was nicknamed, “Sassy,” grew up at Lincoln Park. Across from the New Jersey Fine Performing Arts Center, there is a street dedicated to her.

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