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Success of Maddie's Free Adoption Day's in NYC bittersweet

Fifteen-thousand and still counting! The Maddie’s Fund, fifth annual, Maddie’s Free Adoption Days exceeded all expectations, placing over fifteen-thousand shelter animals in their forever homes. The Maddie’s Free Adoption Days, sponsored by the Maddie’s Fund, established by Dave and Cheryl Duffield in loving memory of their Miniature Schnauzer, Maddie, is a three-hundred million dollar fund, established to help and sustain a no kill USA. The Maddie’s Fund provides funding for education, research and grants to provide a better life for the companion animals we all love, especially the animals who find themselves homeless in shelters. Maddie’s Free Adoption Days are funded by a grant that allows the public to adopt, free of change, the shelter animal they fall in love with and make a forever member of their family.

Participating rescues and shelters must be members of the coalition in their community. The lead agency in New York City, Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, a coalition consisting of one-hundred and fifty plus members according to their website, founded by Jane Hoffman, who serves as the coalition president. Participating rescues and shelters receive between five-hundred dollars for a healthy animal under age seven, a thousand dollars per animal rescued with a health issue, two-thousand for animals over seven years, who also had a treatable health issue. The goal of the Maddie’s Fund, is to provide rescues with the funding necessary to rescue older animals or animals with treatable health conditions. A list of treatable illnesses is available on the Maddie’s Fund website, Many older, injured animals as well as young animals with upper respiratory infections or kennel cough quickly end up on the list to be euthanized, even though they have easily treated illnesses and are highly adoptable.

Animal lovers and advocates from around the world who follow the New York City Animal Care and Control were delighted to read a post on the Mayor’s Alliance of NYC’s Animals Facebook page saying that over two-thousand animals had been adopted in the first three hours of the Maddie’s Free Adoption Event. New York City Animal Care and Control, long considered a high kill shelter nationwide, has been a focal point for animal advocates globally. In 2005, when the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals received a twenty-six million dollar Maddie’s Fund Community Collaborative grant, advocates had high hopes the killing would end.

As many enjoyed the Maddie’s Adoption Event in New York City, meeting celebrities, having photograph’s made with Maddie’s Mascot and looking at all the wonderful adoptable pets, animals were being killed across town at the New York City Animal Care and Control. According to a posting of the, “Super Urgents,” a four year old cat named James, hit by a car and severely injured, with an intake date of May 7, remained untreated and in pain at the shelter awaiting a rescue or adopter.

What happened to no kill by 2015?

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