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Success for 50 Friends of Charleston Center

Participants gathering for the event
Participants gathering for the event
William Hunnell

For almost two hours this past Saturday the Yoga community came together at the Park Circle Community Center to practice in the name of the Charleston Center. The practice lead by Gail Corvette and Mark Knowles was an eclectic mix of Yoga styles and intent that provided more than its fair share of laughs for the participants.

Following the practice participants remained gathered to listen to live bluegrass music, share in a little camaraderie and a healthy buffet of fruits, vegetables, and assorted snacks.

Like so many events that occur citywide even nationwide perhaps, there was more to it. Perhaps it was more than just a simple gathering of folks with a common goal.

"A powerful, rewarding experience" ~ Anonymous

"Imagine for a moment, participating in an event where two of your biggest influences are gathered working towards a similar cause…wow." ~ Anonymous

"Uplifting" ~ Anonymous

In fact, one memorable quote came from Mark Knowles. Knowles, himself in recovery, knows the healing affects of a regular Yoga practice. Noting that Memorial Day would soon be upon us he referenced freedom, not just ordinary every day freedom; freedom from addiction. His statement, poignant as any ever made:

"Freedom isn't for those who want it. Freedom isn't for those who need it. Freedom is for those willing to work for it" ~ Mark Knowles

According to Phill Botham of the Charleston Center (via email): "We were able to raise $5,498.00 yesterday with very little administrative costs upfront.....less than $150.00! There were a total of 30 participants that had committed to the "50 Friends" $200.00 minimum collection. Gail Corvette raised over $800.00 and was our top fundraiser, winning her a nice 4 day and 3 night use of a beautiful beach house in Myrtle Beach."

Botham went on to say in his email: "Our main sponsors; Limehouse Produce, Yoga House (of Charleston), and Bridge to Avalon really came through for us, as well as numerous individuals and businesses in the community donating over $3500.00 worth of products and services as rewards to our participants. It was wonderful to have 13 current residents of the Charleston Center present to participate as well. Special thanks to all those in the recovery and yoga communities for coming together to make this a successful effort."

All-in-all this was more than just a fundraising event. It was a celebration of true freedom.

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