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Success brings goosebumps

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 01: Author R.L. Stine attends the 16th Annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

Columbus, Ohio is the next stop on this journey of writers we are following. The stories that has been written will scare the yell right out of you and cause bumps on top of Goosebumps, which is a far cry from the humorous material he wrote while attending Ohio State University.

Robert Lawrence Stine was born October 1943 in Columbus, Ohio and has 2 siblings. His parents were typical of the time with his father being the provider and his mother being the homemaker and taking care of the children. She was the one who instilled reading into the lives of her children and she read to them at bedtime. R. L. Stine loved scary stories as a young child and would read Tales from the Crypt at the barber’s. During an interview Stine says the scariest story ever for him is the original Pinocchio.

At the age of 9, Stine discovered an antiquated typewriter in the attic, thus began his writing career. First writing for friends and family, and after attending The Ohio State University, he was hired at Scholastics where he worked for 16 years. When he was let go he was given an assignment to write a horror story titled Blind Date. It became his first best seller.

The stories for Goosebumps begin with the title and when he has a good working title, the story falls into place. Although Stine has written adult themed horror he concludes that writing children’s horror is more fun. One reason is the stories are written fast and he can get out 2 books a month. Another reason is he loves receiving letters from kids, who will write to their favorite authors and aren’t afraid to tell them their feelings about the books.

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