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Subway yields to petition, will remove bleaching chemical from their bread

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The popular sub shop chain Subway announced this week that they will cease using a bleaching agent in their homemade breads, after a popular food blogger launched an online petition calling for Subway to halt their use of the food additive azodicarbonamide – a substance already banned in Britain, Europe and Australia.

According to MSN on Wednesday, Vani Hari, who runs, wrote on her petition:

I have written about Subway several times – First in 2012, when I did an investigation into what exactly was in their famous low calorie and “fresh” sandwiches and then again last year when I did a deep dive into one of the most controversial ingredients used in their breads.

Not only has this company not responded, but they have ignored repeated requests by me and others to learn more about why they are using an ingredient banned all over the world. They have completely ignored us.

Hari says azodicarbonamide is the same ingredient that is used to manufacture yoga mats and shoe rubber.

In the UK, the Health and Safety Executive identified azodicarbonamide as a respiratory sensitizer; in other words, stating that it may cause asthma. Products with the additive now must carry the warning: “May cause sensitization by inhalation.” The World Health Organization linked azodicarbonamide to “respiratory issues, allergies and asthma.”

In response to the petition, which has been signed by 66,000 people as of today, and shared over 123,000 times on Facebook, Subway released this statement:

"The complete conversion to have this product out of the bread will be done soon," Subway said, without providing further details.



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