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Subway Spooks Continued

Subway on the flipside
Subway on the flipside
J. Bauer

Some time after posting the Subway Spooks article, one of my readers let us know about another haunted Subway in the area. The 8th Street Subway

The apparition, seen as a light colored flash out of the corner of the eye, can be heard moaning and is described as sounding like a younger man. 

Things around the store move as if by an angry person, thrown about. Also, the freezer resists shutting sometimes and slams others with no known cause.

Though air pressure or wind has been theorized it seems unlikely in the open layout of the store where the doors are often left open for ventilation in the summer.

After a bit of research, there is a probable cause in recent history. 

In 2001, the store was robbed and the workers were forced into the freezer by the 2 gunmen. One man resisted the door shutting all the way and was shot and died there in the store. 

The thieves were caught and prosecuted but the haunting is still in evidence according to recent employees, though none would reveal their names for the article in deference to the store.


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