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Subway removing chemical from bread: ‘Foodbabe’ blogger Vani Hari spurs change

Subway removing chemical from bread: ‘Foodbabe’ blogger Vani Hari spurs change
Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images

Subway plans to remove a chemical product from its bread, in order to maintain its “fresh” reputation, according to a Feb. 5 Huffington Post report. Popular food blogger Vani Hari of launched a petition this seek requesting Subway to remove the azodicarbonamide chemical from its sandwich bread recipes.

Hari complained that the sandwich chain used the chemical in its bread “as a bleaching agent” in the United States, adding that the Subway chemical is not used as an ingredient in its European, Australian, and other international establishments. In addition, Hani observed that the chemical is also used to make yoga mats and shoe rubber.

ABC News reports that Subway indicated that a change is underway, and that the initiative was launched prior to Hari’s petition. “The complete conversion to have this product out of the bread will be done soon,” Subway said in a statement, emphasizing that the recipe change had nothing to do with Hari’s petition. According to Subway, the company was “already in the process of removing azodicarbonamide as part of our bread improvement efforts.”

Hari, who received over 50,000 signatures on her petition, is relieved. “I commend Subway for finally responding to me and now over 57,000 concerned citizens. Their swift action is a testament to what power petitions and individuals who sign them can have. I'd like to note that current Subway sandwiches still have this ingredient, and urge everyone not to eat their sandwich bread until they have finally removed the chemical,” she said.

Her advice to consumers? “When you look at the ingredients, if you can't spell it or pronounce it, you probably shouldn't eat it,” ABC News reports.