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Subway Pizza

The pizza is personal again
The pizza is personal again

Outside of coffee, and possibly breakfast menus, the pizza game is the hottest sphere of competition in the fast food world right now. And Subway has the inside track. They call them 'flatizzas.' In case you struggle with basic etymology, they're hybrid pizza-flatbreads, which are really two species of the same genus anyway. We're talking a dough base with tomato, cheese, and you-name-the-toppings. Subway, as a certain fast food columnist anticipated earlier, with their fast bake ovens, has the necessary hardware in place to be a leading contender for bridging onto pizza territory.

Currently, the flatizzas are relatively small and inexpensive, about on the order of a personal pan pizza, if you remember those Pizza Hut days. And they're ready in a matter of minutes. Therein lies the key, if pizza franchises don't realize it. The immediacy, the virtually instantaneous access to pizza, is the great weapon Subway holds unless pizza chains add this possibility.

As 21st century Americans, we are highly reticent to make plans in advance, particularly when it comes to eating. The idea of anticipating hunger, ordering ahead of time, then retrieving or receiving delivery? What a burden! Then here's Subway, where I can walk in, and a few minutes later, be chowing into a personal pizza of a natural serving size, and leave without leftovers. The innovation has happened, and the trickle down will come either to pizza chains, or to other sub-related franchises which already possess mini ovens. Without serious restructuring, burger venues should concede this ground and seek other innovation.

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