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Subway Michelle Obama campaign to sell you on “healthy” junk food

The media is reporting stories of a $41 million campaign, over three years, with First Lady Michelle Obama promoting alleged “healthy” food products sold by the Subway chain of fast food restaurants. While it's reported the campaign is being funded by Subway, one has to wonder if taxpayer dollars are paying for it. And while this is part of Michelle Obama's nanny-state liberal big government focus on “healthy” eating by our young folks, one has to wonder if it's really all that healthy.

Michelle Obama joins Subway to promote eating of "healthy" junk food

The Washington Times reports about the campaign, “They probably won’t promote their 6-inch big hot pastrami sandwich, but the Subway chain of restaurants is partnering with first lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to persuade kids to eat healthier meals. Subway and the first lady’s office announced a three-year commitment Thursday in support of Mrs. Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign. The sandwich shops will promote efforts aimed at getting children to eat more fruits and vegetables. Subway offers a variety of low-fat sandwiches on its menu, along with choices that probably wouldn’t get the first lady’s approval, such as the six-inch chicken and bacon ranch melt with cheese, which contains 28 grams of fat.”

There are two problems with this campaign, one is the nanny-state nature of having the First Lady, with government support, telling people what to eat. Eating choices are personal choices and an issue of personal freedom. Mind your own business, Moochelle, and go eat cake!

The other problem is, it's a fraud, because Subway products aren't healthy. As Dr. Joseph Mercola just exposed in his health newsletter, Subway just agreed to remove from its bread products a chemical called azodicarbonamide, a dough conditioner that is most commonly used in processing shoe leather, and is known poison and possibly causes cancer. There's not need for this chemical, Subway has admitted they don't use it in their bread sold in Europe (where it's banned) but because our corporately-duped FDA allows it, they use it here in the United States. If Subway really wanted to serve “fresh” and “healthy” food, they would never have put azodicarbonamide in the bread, and certainly not because our ignorant and bought-and-paid for government bureaucrats said the poison could be used in “generally accepted as safe” quantities in food products.

But the azodicarbonamide is not the only chemical or hazardous substance found in many of Subway's food products. They use a number of different chemicals and preservatives in their various products across their menu.

But Subway is neither fresh nor healthy. As Dr. Mercola writes, “But make no mistake… while Subway bills itself as a provider of fresh bread, vegetables, meats, and cheeses, in reality, it is nothing more than fast food -- and all that it entails. Chemicals, artificial ingredients, corn syrup… all of these are common in Subway sandwiches, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their bread, too, is chemically altered.”

The bread did include that chemical, as Dr. Mercola reminds us as he writes, “Subway would like you to think of their bread as freshly baked, just like your grandmother would make, but I’m fairly certain your grandmother didn’t add azodicarbonamide to her bread the way Subway does.”

At least, in the process of acting like a nanny-state liberal, pretending to know what is healthy and what is not, and telling us all what to eat and feed our children, Michelle Obama can get it right and actually tell us to eat food that really is healthy. But Subway is not healthy no matter one chooses on the menu until they remove all the poisonous chemicals and preservatives from ALL their products, including the ones they claim are “fresh” or “healthy.”

If you want real health advice, from a source that is credible, respectable, and respects your right to educate yourself and make informed decision and doens't support nanny-state liberal big government imposition, you can do no better than to read Dr. Mercola's web site and newsletter on health issues. He won't tell you what to eat, or join Subway in some bogus multimillion campaign designed to trick you into eating junk food, his site and newsletter gives you good information so you can make up your mind.

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