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Subway Hours of Operation

The Subway hours of operation, or when does subway open and when does Subway close will vary from location to location but it can be predicted. Subway hours are determined by how many customers they can serve at different times of the day. There are three main types of Subway business hours systems.

When Does Subway Close? I'm Hungry

The rural/old person area Subway:

mon: 8am-9pm
tue: 8am-9pm
wed: 8am-9pm
thu: 8am-9pm
fri: 8am-9pm
sat: 8am-8pm
sun: 8am-7pm

The Suburban Family Subway

mon: 7am-10pm
tue: 7am-10pm
wed: 7am-10pm
thu: 7am-10pm
fri: 7am-10pm
sat: 7am-10pm
sun: 7am-10pm

The Older Family Subway (closer to high school crowd or young adult community)

mon: 7am-11pm
tue: 7am-11pm
wed: 7am-11pm
thu: 7am-11pm
fri: 7am-11pm
sat: 7am-11pm
sun: 9:30am-11pm

The Urban Worker Bee Subway

mon: 6am-11pm
tue: 6am-11pm
wed: 6am-11pm
thu: 6am-11pm
fri: 6am-11pm
sat: 6am-11pm
sun: 8:30am-11pm

The College Town Subway

All the time, might be 24 hours

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