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Subversive green exposed

Paul Taylor

Progressive “green” environmentalism has perversely passed from green awareness to the green hysteria of climate change and a politically-corrupt “war on carbon”; from prudent regulatory controls on air, water, toxics and land use to global energy and food austerity; from peaceful protests to radical eco-terrorism and endless lawsuits by partisan nonprofit eco-groups subsidized by taxpayers and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grants. Today’s gratuitous and politically-partisan green-government regulations inflate the costs of all goods, services, activities and energies, and kill jobs and prosperity. The aging green movement must now be seen as a subversive political threat to American security and prosperity.

The New York Times has recently reported that a report by the green-elite, environmental lobbyists, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), became the “blueprint” for EPA’s drafting of stringent government regulations to cut the greenhouse gas and other air pollution emissions from existing electric power plants. The Times reported: “by late 2012… (NRDC lobbyists) had finished their proposal and began to travel across the country to present it to state regulators, electric utilities, executives and anyone else they expected to have a hand in shaping the rules.” The NRDC lobbyists also briefed the EPA’s top clean air lawyer and Obama’s senior climate adviser about NRDC’s radical plan to cut power plant emissions. It was further reported that many EPA other officials promulgating the new air rules stated that they wanted to see an innovative plan like the one NRDC had proliferated. Today, partisan eco-groups exert undue influence in many of the job-killing and unnecessary environmental regulations. (Daily Caller, July 31, 2014)

Internationally, the green lobby has become less covert about their true subversive intentions – the undoing of capitalism. Since the 1970s, environmentalists have menaced us with fear-mongering scenarios of man-made ecological apocalypse.
And, most of the necessary environmental problems have been solved or are under active remediation at great capital expense. Most of the developed world has been cleaned up after going through the growing pains of industrial development and economic maturity. Having run out of green campaign ideas for fundraising, radical eco-groups came up with the most fantastic and intractable problem of all – control manmade climate change.

In scapegoating “climate change” for every inexplicable natural phenomenon and natural disaster as a symbolic “green credential,” radical eco-groups can (and will) subvert capitalism itself. Here’s proof.

Last month, there was a global green group meeting hosted by Venezuela's government and attended by 130 eco-groups. This U.N.-sponsored conference, known as “Social Pre-COP,” produced a final version of the “Margarita Declaration” that essentially promotes the death of capitalism. "The structural causes of climate change are linked to the current capitalist hegemonic system," the declaration says. "To combat climate change it is necessary to change the system." Investors Business Daily (IBD) reports that this is what environmentalists have wanted all along -- a policy that capitalism is a "predator."

According to Global Climate Change News & Analysis, the declaration's supporters aren't interested in carbon controls. They don't even want to promote green economies. They just wish to kill capitalism. After decades of spreading fear, lies and exaggerations, after a long crusade of perverse eco-propaganda, they at last feel safe to move on to their final solution. (IBD, July 24, 2014)

“The broad mass of a nation… will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.”
Adolf Hitler 1889-1945, German Dictator

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