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'Suburgatory' may just be the top hit sitcom of the 2011 Fall television season

ABC's Suburgatory
ABC's Suburgatory

Awarding ‘Suburgatory’ with a top designation in the new sitcom arena, may be a bold statement to those who have only seen a sneak peek, but see for yourself with an advanced screening of ABC's newest comedy, Suburgatory, and then tune in to the premiere, Wednesday, September 28 at 8:30|7:30c.

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To view the premiere episode in full, visit and enter code pWNlhSSKa.

The casting team of Tim Payne and Lisa Ystrom is brilliant. They instinctively knew perfection when they handed over the role of George Altman to Jeremy Sisto. Sisto’s role in Suburgatory is as far as the East is to the West from his role as Detective Cyrus Lupo on Law & Order, but he totally nails his part as a father who was left to raise an infant daughter all by himself. That infant is now a teen, whose hormones are beginning to rage, which leads to his decision to move her to the suburbs and away from sexual temptation. Sisto is impressive as the slightly bumbling, but well-meaning chick-magnet dad, who may well become dessert for the neighborhood Stepford women.

Jane Levy, as his daughter Tessa Altman, allows viewers to come along on the ride of her new life, for a glimpse of the trauma-laden suffering that she experiences. Levy has the ability to switch gears on a dime, and reveals the depth of her acting talents as she moves from pouty, sardonic teen, to gutsy speak-your-mind classmate, to an empathetic young lady.

Deliciously funny Cheryl Hines is one of those Stepford Wives, Dallas Royce, who dotes on her stuck-up spoiled daughter Dalia Royce, played by Carly Chaikin. At first glance, Dallas looks like a perfectly manicured man-eater ready to gobble her meal, but quickly segues into a quirky, lovable do-gooder.

Enjoy the special screening of the premiere, and then report back with your first impressions.