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See also: delivers daily deals for Chicagoland suburbs supports local businesses. supports local businesses.

Suburban Deals is the first of its kind in terms of daily deal sites. Unlike others that focus on big Metropolitan areas, Suburban Deals specifically targets the North and Northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Suburban Deals is a premier online site for consumers in search of great daily deals right in your backyard. Starting May 2nd, consumers can begin receiving a variety of daily deals at 50-90% regular retail price.

Yes, you brides-to-be can save oodles on limo services and salon and spa services.

To sign up, go to, enter in your email address and zip code(s). Yes, multiple zip codes, so that you can receive daily deals both near your home, work or any other suburb you frequent. Suburban Deals also allows you to purchase a gift from the daily deal and send to a friend or family member in another zip code. Each registrant is eligible for a FREE $100 Visa gift card.

While you’re in the mood for sharing, join the Suburban Deals group on Facebook and share with friends. And follow Suburban Deals on Twitter @suburban_deals. Remember, each registrant is eligible for a FREE $100 Visa gift card.

And if you or someone you know owns or operates a business that would be interested in featuring a daily deal, fill out the Suburban Deals feedback form.

Sign up today to take advantage of the gift that keeps on giving—or saving.


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