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Subterranean Press announces new Joe Lansdale novella

Subterranean Press has announced it will release Hyenas, a new entry in the popular "Hap and Leonard" series from Texas author Joe R. Lansdale. The novella, slated for an early 2011 release, is now available for preorder on the publisher's website.

Subterranean Press released the following synopsis:

The story begins with a barroom brawl that is both brutal and oddly comic. The ensuing drama encompasses abduction, betrayal, robbery, and murder, ending with a lethal confrontation in an East Texas pasture. Along the way, readers are treated to moments of raucous, casually profane humor and to scenes of vivid, crisply described violence, all related in that unmistakable Lansdale voice. An essential addition to an already imposing body of work, Hyenas shows us both the author and his signature characters at their inimitable best. It doesn’t get better than this.

Lansdale's last "Hap and Leonard" book, Vanilla Ride, was released in 2009. Hyenas will also contain a bonus short story featuring the Hap Collins character, "The Boy Who Became Invisible."

Subterranean is publishing the book in two editions: a trade hardcover listed at $25, and a 400-copy signed and numbered hardcover edition going for $45.