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Substitute Teachers Are In Demand

Substitute Teachers Are In Demand
Substitute Teachers Are In Demand
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In the state of Florida school will be starting in about three weeks. The classrooms have been painted and cleaned. The teachers will be going back to work in two weeks to get ready for the upcoming school year. What's usually needed for most or all school districts across the country are substitute teachers. Funny thing is that substitutes are no longer just babysitters they are actually required to teach, go figure.

In this day and age of standardized testing the need for qualified individuals to actually take over a class at a moments notice and get the assignments done, are mandatory. There cannot be a wasted day of no learning. The children must keep a steady pace of being able to learn each and every day if they are going to accomplish the goals set before them.

For the past fifteen years I have been a substitute for the Hillsborough County School District here in Tampa, Florida. I mainly work with elementary age classes K-5. I work in maybe 3-5 schools for the entire year and usually can work every day of the school year. I have been state certified to teach in Florida but I enjoy the fact that I can pick and choose where and when I want to work. I have handled many maternity leaves over the years and it's always nice to get to know one class but its also nice to say goodbye when the assignment is over.

When you are a substitute in the 21st century you are expected to be able to teach, handle,and discipline in the classroom and really to be able to fit into different environments when needed. The pay is moderate but the feeling of accomplishment each and every day is enormous.

In Tampa the district requires that you have at least an associate degree or 60 college credit hours. Being a substitute actually can be a stepping stone to becoming a full time teacher. When I first started I wanted to be that full time teacher but then I realized there are days that I just want to relax and take a day off. As a sub you get that luxury.

I can say this, as a sub I have gotten to meet and teach thousands of children over the years and its so cool to see them when they have grown up and now have children themselves. If you feel the urge to work with children and to make a difference in their lives as well as your life then go down to your local school district and look into it. The rewards are life changing. Now is the time to do it because I guarantee every school district across this nation can use you and your experience.