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'Substantive' victory for gun owners



  • Frank Crittenden 6 years ago

    Well what do you know? The Second Amendment means what is says.

    Who would have thought that?

  • ChrisJ 6 years ago

    By the way, don't get too hung up on the militia aspect. The definition of the militia has actually always been quite lenient in our favor. ie. Most of us are members of the "unorganized militia" as it's known by today's legal writings.

  • Tack 6 years ago

    Sadly, the court will still have to decide the limits of state and city regulation. The narrowest interpretation is that you may have a gun at home if you are deemed competent to do so. In Chicago this could require monthly testing of your mental health, the time, place, and costs of such testing to be set by the city of Chicago. DC and California have already set the stage for the same sort of regulation, though not applied to mental competence.

    The right to bear arms concealed or open has not addressed, and may not be addressed in my lifetime. I will admit I had hoped for more.

    It remains a victory, since the opposite ruling would clearly have been a defeat.

  • yaba 6 years ago

    Is anybody still of the belief that all the bad laws and politicians are going to go away? That we will now be left alone and in peace?

    They are still there folks, and they still have an agenda and they still have the reins of power and control in their hands. Oh, and they have time because you see, the new generations don't know about these people.

    To the new generations, these people are their friends, their mentors, their protectors. As long as the new generation agrees with them, there won't be any problems. Well maybe one or two but nothing reportable...

    Until crunch time, then they'll something quite different but by that time it won't matter.

    When did freedom and liberty become such a bad thing?

    When the would be kings and dictators realized, that they would never get what they wanted, until that capacity was destroyed.

    It still be us or them and their course has not changed...

    Be sure to wish the badge in your computer, a happy 4th...

  • Luis 6 years ago

    While I'm pleased that SCOTUS incorporated the Second Amendment, in McDonald, I'm disappointed the vote was 5-4. I really thought Ginsburg would favor incorporation, making the vote 6-3. I should have realized such was not the case.

    I think this is the last call for Bloomberg's Mayors Against 'Illegal" Guns group. I anticipate more mayors dropping out, until only Bloomberg, Daley and Mumbles Menino are left. I can't see any new mayors joining, especially in the wake of SCOTUS' ruling.


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