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Submission guidelines

I welcome your information and images and am happy to include them on this site. Here are a few tips that will make the process go more smoothly for all of us:

Most importantly, please send information at least 10 days before your event. This will allow me the time to do a good job with it and give people enough time to get it on their calendars. Two weeks is even better.

If you are submitting text, please be sure to send me complete and correctly spelled information, which includes: venue name, address, phone number, Web site (if applicable) and hours of operation; name of event and starting and end dates; opening reception details; names of participating artists and, if applicable, their media; cost, if any; and contact info for more information (and specify if that is for publication or for my private use).

If you are submitting images, the most important criteria is that I MUST have the artists’ permission to use it. If you’re the artist sending it to me, that obviously confers permission. If you are a gallery owner or PR person, I will have to assume that you are acting on behalf of the artist(s). Please include the complete title and media of each piece, and send them in their correct orientation.

If you are sending photos of an activity with recognizable people in them, please include their names, spelled correctly, and ensure that you have permission to publish their photos.

JPGs at 300 dpi resolution are best and they should be approximately 500k in size; 700 pixels maximum for the longest side works well. I can downsize from larger ones, but unless you want your work to look bad, please don’t send anything smaller than 100k.

Thank you for your support and interest!

Rhonda Van Pelt


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