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Subject Detroit : a record label on the move

This week spotlights an independent record label based in Detroit, Michigan and founded by one of the worlds most innovative producers, DJ. Bone. The label is called Subject Detroit and has to it's credit several releases by artist such as Juan Atkins, Niko Marks, Aaron Carl, DJ Nasty, Trish Van Eynde and of course, DJ Bone.
  The label was started by Bone in Detroit on June 17, 1995 and fixed on eliminating the growing global void in electronic music and filling the emptiness with true underground cadences and soul-tones. The label is 100% independent of outside influence from major record labels. This, according to DJ Bone allows for Subject Detroit to remain true to its ethos, applying unconventional techniques and using distinctively dissimilar sounds alien to what most people know or use. DJ Bone and the city of Detroit have spawned Advanced Black Music which shall remain as its soul and maintain its longevity. With his label, DJ Bone vows to promote the "real" and expose the "imposters". New releases on Subject Detroit are The Immortal EP by DJ Nasty and Voice Box Detroit by Niko Marks.

Voice Box Detroit by Niko Marks (side A1., a2.)
Voice Box Detroit by Niko Marks (side A1., a2.)
DJ Bone in Amsterdam
Subject Detroit