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Subaru's Forester does battle with Titans in all-new commercial

In a commercial posted on their official YouTube channel on Jan. 24, Subaru teams up with the popular animé/manga series, "Attack on Titan," to show potential buyers that the all-new Forester could handle not only rough terrain on the road, but also hold its' own against Titans in pursuit.

A Colossal Titan, as depicted in a recent Subaru commercial that featured Titans from the popular "Attack on Titan" anime.
Subaru Official YouTube Channel

The all-new commercial, which recently passed 8 million views on YouTube, features a crossover with characters from the critically acclaimed animé and manga series that has become popular worldwide. In the commercial, the Forester maneuvers in harsh conditions of extreme dust and rain, caused by two Deviant Titans (monsters that resemble humans with sagging skin), who quickly give chase to the vehicle. The driver out maneuvers the Deviant Titans, only to be cornered by a Colossal Titan (a monster that resembles a human without skin), the most recognized among the Titans in the series.

Shinji Higuchi, the director of the live-action adaptation of "Attack on Titan," set to hit theaters in Japan in 2015, worked on the commercial, and while he is still unsure that these Titans will resemble the ones in his upcoming movie, he says that this commercial was a "welcomed opportunity" to create a preview of what is sure to follow.

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