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Stylish twin-stick shooter 'Inferno' hits Xbox Live

Inferno: Twin Stick Action RPG goodness
Inferno: Twin Stick Action RPG goodness

Twin-stick shooters gained some serious ground in the mindshare of gamers after landmark releases like Geometry Wars 2, Everyday Shooter, and Super Stardust HD. Subsequently, the genre has become bloated with dollar-a-dozen releases across every gaming platform available. So you can understand why we almost didn't give Inferno a 2nd glance.

10 seconds into the trailer, though, the stylish graphics and hypnotic music held us captive, and when we saw "80 Microsoft Points" it was time to give this indie game some publicity.

The developer behind Inferno, Luke Schneider, has been in the industry for 12 years, having worked on such franchises as Red Faction and Descent, before creating radiangames and taking the plunge into Xbox Live Indie waters. His previous releases - Crossfire and JoyJoy - are two of the most highly rated XBLIG to date.

“Inferno is by far the largest and deepest game I've done yet for XBLIG” Luke says. “It's been a huge amount of work packed in a limited amount of time, but the final product is well worth the effort.”

Technically, Inferno is a billed as a twin-stick action RPG. One to four players can explore 30 levels, collect gold, upgrade their ships, and destroy everything in their path. For a paltry 80 MS Points, we bet you'll snatch it up too. It's available via the Indie Games channel, or you can queue it up at the Xbox Live Marketplace by clicking here.