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Stylish summer bridal shoes

Leather Snakeskin Gold Gladiator
Leather Snakeskin Gold Gladiator

Getting married during the warmer months opens the doors for incorporating fashions into your wedding ensemble especially when it comes to shoes. Traditional shoes are available but now brides who are
looking for hard edge or sexier shoes are able to find exactly what they are looking for. White-on-white or shades of cream can be found in dozens of retailers but bold shoes in silver, platinum, cream, gold and pale animal prints are available for the taking. Skyscraper stilettos can replace an average 3 inch heel; adding a new dimension to your style. Take a look at these styles for Summer weddings.


Gladiator and cage style shoes have hit the mainstream fashions hard so why couldn't these shoes be worn under a wedding gown? These styles offer a sophisticated but edgy look that can add zeal to a long or short wedding dress. Above the ankle and knee high gladiators can be found in multiple stores in an array of blissful colors. If you are leaning toward a traditional wedding dress than white, pale silvers, golds, and cream gladiators can be found to suit your preference. For exotic or non-traditional themes bold patterns and styles can be chosen.

Open-toe booties

Booties have been in high demand and has been one of the top trends in the last few seasons. Leather, fabric and faux leather styles have made there way into many design houses and can update your traditional look.

Strappy Sandals

Although cage style shoes are also considered to be strappy sandals there are so many forms of this shoe making the choices limitless. Strappy sandals can be as plain as a single strap across the toes and across the in-step of your foot or an above the ankle shoe that has dozens of intricate straps to give added sex appeal.


These shoes offer a heeled shoe but with a unique flare because there is no open space between the heel and the sole. Miss Honey peep-toe wedge shoe is stylish and fun and can be worn during and after the wedding ceremony. The soft gold color is subtle for any dress or gown.


  • Bobbi Leder 5 years ago

    Wow, if i had long lean legs (and normal feet) I would wear those gorgeous Gladiator style shoes.

  • F. White 5 years ago

    Having raised a beautiful daughter who had more shoes than Nike I think this article is right-on!

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