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Stylish hydration for the summer parties with Contigo Autoseal Pitcher

When summer hits, the party season begins. From backyard barbecues to causal evenings by the fire, friends and family enjoy the gatherings. One of the keys to being a good host is having options for all the guests. The Contigo Autoseal Pitcher is a great way to keep guests hydrated through the festivities.

Stylish hydration with Contigo Autoseal Pitcher-slide0
Cristine Struble
Contigo Autoseal Pitcher makes hydration easy
Cristine Struble

The Contigo Autoseal Pitcher Set is the first pitcher on the market that seals for freshness between uses and prevents spills and dribbles between pours. With an unique quick release lid, the pitcher is easy to fill, stir and add ice. Even the one hand operation is easy to use by all ages.

Personally, the best part about the Contigo Autoseal Pitcher is the infuser sticker. This optional accessory can create any type of flavored water. From simple citrus to more developed cucumber and basil, the flavored waters are a versatile way to keep hydrated. Long gone is the plain boring water. The infusion can be paired to enhance a meal or to balance nutritional needs. By the end of the day, everyone will have drunk all their water.

When entertaining over the summer, the Contigo Autoseal Pitcher makes serving water easy. Long gone are the disposable water bottles scattered over the lawn. From refrigerator to table, the pitcher makes for easy serving. Plus, with the flavor possibility, it gives a special touch to the party.

The Contigo Autoseal Pitcher holds a 72 ounce capacity. It is stain resistant and offers BPA-free construction. The pitcher is top rack dishwasher safe. Optional accessories include infuser sticker and ice core.

Contigo Autoseal Pitcher comes in three options. The acrylic pitcher retails for $19.99. The Tritan pitcher retails for $22.99. The Tritan Pitcher with infuser sticker and ice core retails for $29.99.

Keep the party festive and hydrated with the Contigo Autoseal Pitcher.

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