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StyleMakers TV Exclusive: "A Day in the Life with Family Dollar"

On October 17, I was invited to attend the Family Dollar Fabulous Beauty Event that featured 13 of the nation’s most influential African-American beauty and hair care vloggers in Charlotte, NC. The opportunity to schmooze with some of the most talented vloggers, celebrity beauty experts and top beauty brand executives like P&G, L'Oreal, and Dark n Lovely was exciting to say the least. I had a chance to also spend the weekend with one of my favorite actresses and the event's guest of honor actress Vanessa Williams, of Soul Food fame. She was super fab and we actually got a chance to shop and drink cocktails- what all girls love to do!

Family Dollar invites 13 of the Nation's most influential African American Bloggers to experience #FamilyDollarFabulous event
Family Dollar invites 13 of the Nation's most influential African American Bloggers to experience #FamilyDollarFabulous event Family Dollar
Family Dollar Hosts #FamilyDollarFabulous Event in North Carolina
Family Dollar Hosts #FamilyDollarFabulous Event in North CarolinaFamily Dollar

As part of the event, vloggers was able to share in the celebration of the popular discount store's new expansion of national hair and beauty brands for women of color. Each vlogger, including myself got a chance to meet with the top beauty and hair care suppliers for in depth Q & A sessions to learn about the brands, as well as learn about all the products sold in Family Dollar locations nationwide. All attendees had a chance to be pampered by industry experts and celebrity hair stylists such as Larry Sims ( who coifs celebs hair that include Sanaa Latham, Nia Long, Dark n Lovely Hair Expert Michael Wray, and LA Colors Creative Director Lupe Mora along with many more. Each vlogger was given a Family Dollar gift card to shop in the newest location, where we scored things like clothes, makeup, home decor items and more. Also, we received gift bags filled with all the brands featured at the event so that we could review. Great marketing strategy, by the way!!!

Family Dollar truly rolled out the red carpet to expose brand awareness to the women that have a strong voice in the social media community. With over 8,000 stores nationwide, Family Dollar wants to appeal to a younger, hipper, and more informed consumer. As vloggers, we are the new editors, or as I like to say connectors of information that minimize the gap between online shoppers and in store shoppers. Unlike the in store shopper of yesteryear, our generation of fans and followers want to learn how things work from - a real proven source- before they go out purchase them. By being a part of this event, we obtained the knowledge and ability to ban the myths that are associated with black skin and hair care, but also create genuine conversations about what works and what doesn't for women of color.

You can check out photos and videos to learn more about the event and see all the featured vloggers beauty reviews, tutorials, and interviews by visiting

GIVEAWAY!!!!! Show me what Family Dollar beauty and hair items you love and have a chance to win it!! Don't forget to hashtag #FamilyDollarFabulous with you post! Send all responses and Follow me @StyleMakersTV