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#StyleFit: 9 Fitness/Wellness Mobile Apps

Stay Fit On-the-Go
Shavon donnell

Being fit never runs out of style. When you are healthy, you look better and feel better and have a better quality of life.

1) My Fitness Plan: This free calorie counter has a daily food and exercise dairy. You can track nutrition and weight goals with Facebook friends and set log reminders. It gives you a daily calorie limit based on your weight and goals. The app is available on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones. Don’t have a one of these phones? Sign up on a desktop computer at

2) My Water: The recommendation for water intake is at least 8 “glasses” a day. This app is very helpful. There is a nagging log reminder that reminds you drink your Aqua every few hours. Drinking an adequate amount of water helps my weight loss and overall daily energy. There is an option to select the item you are drinking your water out of (bottle, small glass, larger glass) so the intake is more accurate. You can earn points for prizes, too!

3) Nike Training & 4)Nike + Running: Virtual personal trainer. Music. Timer. Tracker. Personalized workout plans. Community. These apps are must-haves for more fun in-home or outdoor workouts. Just do(wndload) it. You won’t regret it—at least after the soreness has gone away.

5) Kinetic: This is a great app for runners. It keeps history of your running, trekking, walking, cycling and mountain biking. It is the perfect app for outdoor fitness.

6) Healthy Out: This app eliminates the anxiety you get when you're planning a trip out with family and friends but you want to remain healthy. Enter your current zip code or use the GPS function to track your location; it will pull up a list of restaurants and highlight their healthy choices. You can order right from the app as well.

7) Daily Yoga: Whether you are experienced or just taken an interest in yoga, try this app. This on-the-go app has training sessions, a pose library and yoga music. Perfect for yoga enthusiasts with limited time.

8) Argus: This app is great for walkers. I use can easily track your daily steps via Bluetooth. There are also options to track your calorie intake, add friends, and keep a food photo journal.

9) SPITFIRE: This app is great for strength and physique based exercise suggestions--whether you are in the gym or on the go. You can also follow a fitness plan with a virtual personal trainer.

All apps listed are free and available on iPhones via Apple App Store.

This article was originally published on It has been republished with permission of the author who is also the curator the site.

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