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Style your closet

After watching Sex and The City 2 on DVD, and coveting Carrie's closet, it dawned on me, I should style mine. I love both closets from Sex and The City and Sex and The City 2. Now my closet is just a standard old wall closet in an old house. But, what a difference some great hangers make, as well as some dollar store baskets. Costco recently had the black velvet hangers on sale 50 for $19.99. If you missed this deal, Target has them on sale as well at a great price of under $20. You can go with black velvet or a cream velvet. Not only does it make your clothing look great on the hanger, but they are slimmer, and you can fit more clothing in. So, buy some extras, for clothing purchases in the future.

Now that you have great hangers, it is time to clean and rearrange your closet. By style, length or my personal favorite, color.

Now for your shoes. How do you shoe? I like mine in a hanging shoe caddy. My daughter uses shoe holders on the floor. Whatever you choose, coordinate with your hangers.

I may not have Carrie's amazing closet, or her wardrobe, (dream), but I can open my closet every day and smile.


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