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Style Tips for the Petite Woman

petite style tips
petite style tips

Just because you may be slight of frame doesn't mean that you can't make a grand statement each time you enter a room. There are a myriad of ways that petite women can ramp up their style effectively and enhance their overall look no matter what the occasion. The following tips will help you create that big impression you're hoping to make!

Single Color

When you dress in monochrome, a single color, you will appear to be taller than your actual height. It is an illusion of the eye, but it works nonetheless. Moreover, the expanse of the single color draws the eye and makes a bigger impact than if multiple colors are worn, each competing for attention. So, if you are petite, stick to a single color palette when you want to make a big impression, and don't forget to match your shoes and purse as they can contribute to the overall effect.

Bold Colors

Aside from the monochrome look, you might want to consider dressing in a striking shade if you are on the petite side. Bold colors like black or red always seem to draw the eye even in a crowd. Colors that boast intensity will definitely attract attention.

Good Fit

It's essential for petite women to wear clothing that fits optimally. Loose clothing can actually make you appear even smaller. Getting the right fit means starting with the right bra. Getting professionally fit at a shop that specializes in petite women is a great place to start. For slacks and tops, it's a good idea to have them tailored to your precise size. You'll love the results.

Vertical Lines

Clothing that features vertical lines is a great way to lengthen your torso. Even vertical seams will do if you don't feel like wearing stripes. Slacks with pin-stripes will also allow you to appear taller. Long clean lines will give you that neat, trim appearance that looks great for petites.

Choose Smaller Accessories

Large purses and chunky accessories can make petite women seem even more petite. Instead, choose small-scale accessories that will allow you to appear ideally proportioned. Choose small purses that will complement your look and jewelry that will enhance your style without detracting from it.

Wear Heels

High heels certainly allow the petite woman some added height. Sling-backs and pumps are popular choices; however, style experts suggest that petite women avoid ankle straps as these will break up that straight leg line and ruin the effect of the heel. Choose heels that feel comfortable, especially if you wear heels on a regular basis.

Sport V-Shapes

V-Shape necklines are a great way to create the illusion of height. They can be paired with sleek blazers, too, for a great effect. Moreover, if you aren't endowed with curves, they can help add dimension to your appearance. U-shape necklines are also great options for petite women.

Each of these tips can support the petite woman in her quest to look great. Try them in combination when you really want to look your best. These tips work for many petites, and they're bound to work for you too!


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