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Style simplified: Get the look with a closet refresh (Photos)

Face it. While it would be nice, Cher’s far from Clueless closet is nowhere near reality for most of us. First off, who can pull off those mini dresses? Secondly, Huntsville’s winter weather requires a lot more in the way of covering up than southern California, even if they are in the midst of a “cold snap.”

Take your basics in a new direction with some simple styling tips and tricks.

In reality we all have pieces that we turn to day after day. Jeans, T-shirts, maybe a dress or two make up the uniform of the average woman. While the term uniform may bring to mind lockstep behavior or ugly plaid jumpers, the concept of basic, flattering pieces that you turn to on a regular basis isn't all bad. In fact, it’s kind of brilliant.

Check out these ideas for dressing up your favorites and turning them from also-rans into fashionable ensembles with very little effort. Whether it’s to dash out of the door for groceries, a last minute dinner date with that special someone at Grille 29, a meeting, or after work drinks with your favorite girls at Below the Radar, there is something here for you. These looks are more about shopping your closet than rushing out to grab up the latest trends. Although, investing in an updated accessory here or new classic piece there, goes a long way to keeping your look fresh.

Click through the slideshow for ideas to take your everyday basics in a fresh direction.

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