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Style Resolutions: Just Do It!

Style Resolutions: Just Do It
Aubrey O'Hara

2014 is here and while we can look forward to fresh new fashions to embrace, there are also a few ways that we can make the most of our style this year by getting real. Let's face it. Trends come and pass, day by day, season by season, year by year. This year, I encourage you to put less attention on trends and more attention on how to embody your own personal style. Here is a list of five ways that you can create sustainable style resolutions for yourself, beginning now. By the time 2015 rolls around, you will look back and be so happy you did!

  • Don't second guess your gut. While we all tend to ask anyone around us willing to share an opinion if something looks good on us, I am here to assure you that you already know the answer. We may be seeking affirmation that 'this skirt' makes our legs look a mile long, or that 'these jeans' make out rear end look amazing, but what our gut tells us is typically true. If you have to stop and think that maybe 'these shorts' are too short, then most likely they are. And if you need someone else to convince you otherwise, then most likely you will be uncomfortable the whole time you are wearing them. Trust yourself. You are wiser than you think!
  • Challenge yourself. If a garment catches your eye and you can envision yourself in it (having fun and feeling fabulous), yet are doubting your ability to rock it, stop and reconsider. Push yourself past the safety of your comfort zone and try it on. And if you think you look pretty dang good, go ahead and take a risk. And if you are still not convinced yet that it will ever come out of your closet, then put it on at home and get used to rocking it in the privacy of your own abode. And believe it or not, you will start to feel more comfortable in your skin wearing this new frock and eventually wearing it out of the house will seem possible and a fun way for you to surprise those who know you, as well as feel really good about yourself.
  • Don't wait to use your good china. More often than not, our treasured pieces that we use to entertain with, saved just for special occasions, quite often wind up staying untouched for years. The same applies to our closet. How many pieces in our wardrobe are treasured and revered, and yet we wind up getting rid of them eventually because we never wear them. Don't let that happen. Wear your good stuff now. Find a way to dress down your favorite cocktail dress to a more casual occasion. Find an occasion to go to simply just to wear your favorite studded jeans, or crazy rock star boots. Don't delay in wearing what you love.
  • Slim down your options. While I encourage you to use your best clothes now, the other side of that is to get rid of what you really won't wear. Do you have stuff hanging in your closet new with tags, that you keep telling yourself you will fit into someday? Are you clinging to an old garment in the hopes that it will come back in style again? Well take a deep breath and put on your big girl panties and be honest with yourself. Are you truly going to fit into those pants that would have fit you in high school even though you are determined to get back to that size someday. By that time, will you even like those pants anymore? While I am all for getting in better shape, let go of your designated 'skinny clothes' in your closet that haven't fit you for years. And what better way to be reward yourself for getting healthy then indulging in a few new pieces into your wardrobe as you drop a size of two...
  • Get really honest with yourself. Examine your shopping habits. Are you finding yourself constantly getting rid of clothes after a wear or two because you don't like them anymore? Do you prefer to scout out what's cheap and cute over lasting quality pieces you l.o.v.e? I am definitely guilty in that department, and as I grow in maturity (sounds so much better than saying as I get old), I am realizing how much more work it is to constantly be weeding out what I don't like anymore by the truckload. If only I would simply check in with my gut before I make a rash purchase and decide if this purchase will make my fashion life better or simply add to my never-ending to-do list. A solid solution for that dilemma is to spend more on the pieces that I know I will love to death and get lots of wear out of, and supplement with a few trendy pieces that I am okay with wearing once and giving away.

While the resolutions can go on, start small and choose a single challenge at a time. Before long you will begin to see glowing results. Don't hinder your fabulosity and let yourself shine this year!

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