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Style 'n Beauty: Model, Licensed Aesthetician Talks Skin Care

Results of treatments performed on man's skin.
Results of treatments performed on man's skin.
Danielle Duck

For this week's Style 'n Beauty series, below is the profile of Danielle Duck, a Wilhelmina model and licensed aesthetician, who is changing CNY, one face at a time with her business In Home Facials. Check out her profile:

Wilhelmina Model and Licensed Aesthetician
Danielle Duck

Name: Danielle Duck

Profession: Licensed Aesthetician/Wilhelmina Model

Years of Experience: Over 10 years

Business Name: In Home Facials

Education: Aesthetic Science Institute

Specialties:"Microdermabrasion, facials, chemical peels, waxing, all of it."

Other Skills: Makeup artistry

What Drives Me: "I like making people feel good. When they look good, they feel good. It's very rewarding. [With my background in acting and modeling,] being around models made me want to [pursue] this.

It's More Than Relaxation: "I truly care [about] seeing results for my clients. Facials is more than relaxation to me. It is about repairing one's skin to the best possible state it can be in. I repair age spots,wrinkles and acne skin."

(Click through the slideshow to see skin treatment results.)

How I Educate Clients: "I work with clients regularly and educate them by putting them on a skin care regimen they can afford and still get results. It is easy to go to a spa and get a facial but I actually educate my clients so they understand how to maintain results for a life time. I am committed to helping them as they are dedicated in working with me. I have a product line that is innovative from the west coast that CNY has yet to incorporate which makes my services stand out and truly work."

Skin Treatment Recommended for Men and Women: "Microdermabrasion (the most requested service) because it exfoliates the skin, gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles."

Biggest Misconceptions People Have About Skin: "Many people think expensive products are best for skin. Ingredients is key. I have a thorough understanding of skin."

What Everyone Should Know About Skin: "[It is important] to make sure you wash hands. Keep hands clean to keep bacteria off the face. Wash face morning and night."

Skincare in Winter Vs. Summer: "Add more moisture when it's cold. During summer, make sure skin is more hydrated. Drink more water."

Some Good Drug Store Buys: Dove soap. Cetaphil.

Some products/services I use/offer:

"Enspri Collagen. It improves skin texture, structure and elasticity. It reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, noticeably tightens and tones skin. It shrinks and strengthens pores. It helps eliminate age spots and blemishes. It is good for all skin types, including sensitive skin."

"Coco Enzyme Peel. It removes keratin buildup and helps to brighten and clarify. Why get a peel? It improves the texture of your skin. It increases the cell turnover rate of your skin. It improves your skin’s ability to hold moisture. It helps your skin produce more collagen. It reduces fine lines. It decreases hyper pigmentation. It unclogs pores and help clear up acne. It leaves your skin smooth. It makes your skin softer. It makes your skin look more even-toned. It gives you a 'glow.' It makes your skin look dewy and improves minor scarring."

What's Next for In Home Facials?

"Expanding. I'm thinking of working more with different types of equipment, laser treatments...I would teach if I had the opportunity."

Book Danielle and find a full list of the services she offer via her Profile.

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