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Style conscious Birmingham photos


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These gentleman exude personal style. An attitude. A swagger. Their personalities were naturally revealed and reflected through their clothing. Your clothes tell a personal story about you. One of my favorite t-shirts I own is made by Lemar and Dauley (pictured here). Imprinted on the front of the tee are the words "rise of the poor kids" and the words are designed so that they also create and image of Chuck D and Flava Flav of Public Enemy. When anybody sees me wearing this t-shirt I hope it communicates a story about me. A narrative that reads, this guy has an appreciation for early hip-hop and he also understands (and may be concerned about) the importance of social welfare and social mobility. 

Both Chuck D and Flava Flav grew up as poor, black children. Through hip-hop they empowered themselves, if not a generation, to rise above negative socio-economic circumstances and transform the negative into something positive. Now, everybody cannot and will not read your sense of style, but those who do can instantly know who you are personified through personal style.

Check out the slideshow of style conscious gentleman and look forward to an article about my favorite New York fashion week collections.