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Style challenge: Pretty girls rock dresses

Join the challenge to kick off your spring style!
Join the challenge to kick off your spring style!
Pretty Girls Rock Dresses

Spring weather is making its way back to Atlanta and many people are ready to shed winter's togs for more skin revealing ensembles or for the emancipation of their toes and fresh pedicures. Well fashionista, while you begin pulling out transitional pieces and spring attire, contemplate your spring style with a challenge! Local metro blogger Dearroka Whitney on her blog Pretty Girls Rock Dresses, has created a style challenge to boost feminine style back to its rightful, graceful southern prominence.

From the website...

The PRETTY GIRLS ROCK "DRESSES" Challenge will start Tuesday, March 1, 2011.

1. We will rock dresses and heels like our mothers & grandmothers at least THREE (3) times a week.
2. We will reject the impulse to throw on jeans, jogging suits (even the cute kind), & dress slacks.
3. Exchange our revelations and thoughts throughout this challenge.
4. Invite a Friend(s), Take Pics, & HAVE FUN.
5. Everyone is WELCOMED to participate.
6. Exceptions: Flattering Dress Suits with nice accessories are allowed.
7. If you have a blog share it with your followers.

Let's bring back:
*GLAMOUR. *GRACE. *CHARM. *FEMININTY. *PRISSYness (is that a word?) and most of all BEAUTY.

Pretty Girls Rock Dresses Spring/Summer 20-11 Challenge.

Tuesday, March 1 at 12:00am - July 1 at 11:30pm

This is a great way to get yourself ready for spring style. Stop by the blog to read the inspiring musings of beauty, womanhood, and self-empowerment and join the challenge! Look for the group on Facebook for more details and discussions about the style challenge.


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