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Style blooms with Chicago florist Mudd Fleur

Double stemmed phaelonopsis orchid plant
Double stemmed phaelonopsis orchid plant

Kathy Benetatos and Maria Petrides began infusing style into floral arrangements in 2002, when their company, Mudd Fleur, created arrangements for the “socialite hot spot” Hotel Sofitel Chicago. Since, their elegantly subdued creations have popped up in the exquisitely decorated homes of celebrities including Oprah and Nate Berkus, as well as in many Gold Coast retail locations like Barney’s and Gucci.

To match the aesthetic of their trendy clientele, Mudd Fleur takes pride in “out of the box” arrangements. “The overall style of floral design is moving towards a modern and ‘clean’ approach that allows the flowers to speak for themselves,” Kathy and Maria claim.

So while you may find some traditional designs in their portfolio, many of Mudd Fleur’s arrangements skip the fillers and abundant greenery for a more contemporary look.

Statement making flowers, such as phalaenopsis orchids and peonies, are paired with appropriate containers. “A rustic arrangement may be featured in a birch covered vase. The trendy or modern florals may be displayed in a colored glass vase and embellished in some creative way.”

Mudd Fleur is an affiliate with, an online marketplace that works with local artisans across the country. According to the duo, “buying locally [allows] you to be in direct contact with the floral artisan that actually creates your bouquet instead of a middleman that is simply forwarding your order to a local florist…Small businesses thrive off of customer satisfaction, and ordering directly allows you to create a long lasting relationship with the shop and its designer(s).”

So send your custom order to Mudd Fleur, and be sure to include as much information as possible. “We would love to know the types of flowers and colors the recipient enjoys, as well as a few details regarding their personality. Are they artsy, outdoorsy, trendy, modern etc.?”