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Stupid ninja kicks man in head, fails to steal money

A strange story comes to us today, once again from the investigative masters at Fox 7 Austin.

According to a police affidavit a man named William Odenweller, 27, took a flying leap at a stranger.

While mid-air, he kicked his target in the head and then, as said target was falling forwards to hit the ground, Odenweller reached into his victim's back pocket hoping to steal his wallet.

Unfortunately for the nimble Odenweller, he couldn't locate a wallet and having thus wasted a perfectly good kick, resolved to flee the scene immediately.

However, two witnesses to his amazing kick prevented him from fleeing by pinning him to the ground.

Odenweller was arrested, and charged with robbery by assault; bail is set at $15,000.

That's it.


  • davi 5 years ago

    This is SHOCKING! What is this world coming to? I know I'll never set foot on the mean streets of Austin Texas. It's just too unsafe!

  • netfest 5 years ago

    lmao ... the end time has come