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Stunning, sweet Rottweiler loses home after owner no longer has time

Via Facebook

Update 1/24/14 5:30 p.m. (PST): Per Urgent Death Row Dogs - Reese is safe!

"No time," one of the many, common excuses that animal control facilities are provided by owners who are surrendering their pet - it was the reason provided for a stunning Rottweiler named "Reese."

Reese is a gorgeous, six-year-old dog who weighs in at a solid 88 pounds. Reese was surrendered to the New York Animal Care and Control facility in Manhattan, N.Y., on Jan. 17.

A volunteer shared the following about the stunning dog with the beautiful smile:

She is known to be friendly to children and strangers and be very playful and affectionate. Diamond has a huge smile that makes the third of her face. Her eyes, hopeful, meets right away mine. It is nice to be so welcome. No problem to leash her. Diamond is so ready to go for a walk and be in company.


She poses willingly for the pictures and sits with delay upon command. Free in a large pen, Diamond comes when called and settles next to me , accepting happily my caresses. As other dogs enter the yard, Diamond leaves right away my side, seems to want to play, adopting a semi play bow position and then barks insistently.

Diamond's owner says that she does not like other dogs. Could it be that she was not much socialized with other dogs or was a yard dog and acts ambivalently toward her own kind?

The New York Animal Control is not where Reese should be - instead, this lovely girl should be enjoying the company of someone who truly appreciates the incredible dog that she is - someone who will not ever decide that they no longer have time for her wonderful companionship.


  • Petharbor link here
  • ID#A0989781
  • (212) 788-4000
  • Facebook thread here

Note: Petharbor lists this dog's name as Reese but the volunteer refers to her as Diamond. At some point, there seems to have been a name change.

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