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Stun Gun for your Phone - it's here now!

Will it make you safer?
Will it make you safer?
Yellow Jacket

This may be one of the hottest new products showcased at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) next week. What you get is a carrying case for your phone that includes a rechargeable battery that should double the life of your phone.

The case is a durable PC and ABS hard plastic case that protects your phone from damage.

But, what is more important and what makes this phone case distinctive is the the secret weapon included with the case - inside the Yellow Jacket case is a high voltage stun gun that produces a painful "sting" to help protect the person carrying the phone case.

It sounds like something that might be very useful for travelers but that does present another question - can you get it through security on your next flight? That's just one of the questions to be asked of the demonstrators at CES.

Of course, you also have to consider other factors, like liability should you decide to use the stun gun. If you really can protect yourself from harm with this item then maybe you should use if first and worry about liablity later. On the other hand, what is the effect of the "sting"? Will it just make the attacker angry without really slowing him down?

The answers will be available soon - the demo is planned for Tuesday morning, January 7th and I'll report back after seeing this product in action.

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