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Stuff your 2nd grader should know

Eager learner
Eager learner
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It not easy being a parent, in particular, it is not easy to be a good parent today with internet and social media invading so many lives. In this time of information age it becomes difficult to keep track of what your child is learning.

The one place that you should be aware of what your child is learning is in the classroom. The below outline is a broad brush view on what your 2nd grader should know.

Assimilation: At the 2nd grade level your child should be able to sit, retain and apply at a higher level of understanding.

Mind set: Your 2nd grader’s cognitive abilities should be progressive, with a heighten capacity to “focus on specific task”.

Team work: In this grade teachers’ are big on “team work” and group projects hence, so should your child. There are usually lesson plans and story book reading on sharing, being nice to one another, and the standard moral focus on doing the right thing.

Academics: Your child should bring home extensive vocabulary words. Sentence structure should be introduced and developed; knowledge of basic addition, subtraction and multiplication principles should be the focal points. The concept of time should be developed further. The 2nd grade reading level should incorporate concepts of “compare and contrast”, as well as inquiries as to what the author is saying, along with where, when and why the author wrote the story. Teachers encourage students to use the dictionary to get the correct understanding and spelling of words.

Second graders are eager learners, they are also very talkative so, if you want to know what they are learning just listen to what they say. What they say is very reflective of what they learn no matter where they learn it.

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