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Stuff you don't need

What are the absolute-must-have baby items when you're expecting multiples?  There are a lot of helpful sites out there, but it can still get confusing, since many other sites are trying to sell as much baby gear as they can.

In my own experience, the cannot-live-without-it list goes like this: car seats.  A stroller with enough room for all your babies (or some combination of sling and stroller/wagon that accommodates your older kids as well).   Simple clothes (onesies, pajamas) and diapers & wipes x the number of babies.  A place for each baby to sleep.  A safe place to put babies during the day.  A feeding-the-babies plan (bottles and formula enough for everyone and/or a giant Boppy).  Blankets.

Everything else (pacifiers, toys, books, specific brands of blankets/diapers/furniture, etc., etc., etc. ad inifitum) may prove essential or completely worthless.  It's a process of trial and error.

What would you put on the essential list?  What would you leave off?