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Stuff to include in a client welcome packet

Everyone who runs a business likes it best when they can make a profit. It is even better when a profit is made off a very small investment. An investment so small that all it really involves is some paper, a folder and your time in creating a welcome packet.

Why a welcome packet? Well for starters it can serve multiple purposes (helping to improve on the invested time/money to money earned ratio). You can hand it out to new clients, present it in potential partnership meetings with allied/health/medical professionals and/or send copies to the media. An example of its use would be after talking with a client. A potential client can only be told so many things about why they should become your client before their attention span begins to shut down. By having a welcome packet by your side, you can shorten your initial talk with them if you see they are starting to zone out and send them home with a welcome packet (be sure to gather their information so you can follow up with them).

What should be included in a welcome packet you ask? Well it can include a variety of items and should be individualized for each personal trainer. However a short list of things to include is:

• Introductory letter
• Resume
• Recommendation letters
• Any sort of press clipping you have been in (either quoted in a newspaper, magazine, etc)
• Articles you have written
• A summary of the services you provide

You could also include brochures, small advertisements, anything that can be passed onto another individual in a referral fashion.

Having welcome packets printed and ready to go is a smart move as you might not always be able to tell someone everything you feel you need to. That is where the welcome packet can come in. It can act as back up plan for those times when you run out of time making a sale.

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