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Studying abroad in Rome

Casey Schick in Rome Spring 2012
Casey Schick

Casey Schick spent the 2012 spring semester studying abroad in Rome. She was a sophomore in college at the time and was there for three months with a large group of classmates. They took classes, went on personal and class related excursions and took in a new culture together.
Schick is a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. She says, “I love traveling and I’ve always wanted to go to Italy. It was a change of pace and allowed me to take courses I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.”
Schick recommends studying abroad, but cautions students of the pressures of taking classes, participating in excursions and exploring a different culture all at once with a large group.
Schick says, “When I studied abroad it was with a huge group of students, we rarely had down time, and some of the classes were too difficult for that kind of lifestyle. As a result, I decided studying abroad isn’t for me because I would prefer traveling alone or with a small group and not having to worry about school.”
Even though she has come to this conclusion, studying abroad has still helped Schick in her studies and future career. She says, “It allowed me to realize that culture and environment are HUGE influences in determining who you are as a person and what you see as valuable.”
Schick thinks that by telling future employers she has studied abroad it will let employers know more about her as a person and help her build connections.
Schick will be attending the University of South Florida School of Psychology in the fall.

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