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Study suggests criticism of video games has decreased

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According to the research of Greg Perreault, a doctoral student at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, criticism of violence in video games has been declining in years even though the content has become more mature.

Despite advancements in technology and the introduction of mature themes, criticism of violent video games in the media has been on the decline.

The study was based on examining articles found in GamePro during the 90's that covered the controversy regarding violent video games. Perreault noted that in early 90's there was a growing concern over violence in video games but these worries decreased as the decade ended.

Two factors are attributed to the decrease media concern; the core demographic became older and the violence in video games became accepted as the norm.

Perreault has stated, "Despite this increasing amount of violence, journalists seemed to be less and less bothered by the blood and guts. This is important to note because journalism often mirrors the culture of the audience it serves. As technology improved, the entire gaming community became more and more comfortable with the levels of violence that were simultaneously increasing in video games. In a sense, the gaming community grew up."

In an email sent to The Escapist, Perreault has stated that while he hasn't extended his study other media outlets, he believes video games have become a trope to the news media.


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