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Study skill and test taking skill tips

Melissa Woodforlk
Melissa Woodforlk
Melissa Woodforlk

Students suffer from poor study skills and poor test taking skills in education internationally. This is a worldwide problem that is growing globally. Study skills are methods used to improve the learning process. They are critical in a student being able to succeed in school and are essential in education. In addition, test taking skills are strategies used to increase test takers’ scores. They are vital in preparing a student for a test, to take a test, and specific types of tests: True or False; Matching; Fill-in-the-Blank; Multiple Choice; and Essay.

In order to efficiently and effectively improve test taking skills, students need to improve study skills. A good method to improve a student’s study skills is to use SQ3R. SQ3R is one of the oldest and best known study systems. It is an acronym that stands for the steps in the system: Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review. This system is a simple method used to approach the study of any material, with a specific focus on reading comprehension. Click on this educational link for more information about SQ3R: This educational link offers SQ3R activities for teachers, parents, and students: Here is an SQ3R worksheet:

Additionally, the following are helpful tips for students to practice to improve both their study skills and test taking skills.

Study Skill Tips
- Attend every class
- Take notes by listening, reading, and writing down important ideas
- Use an outline to organize notes
- Review class material several times a week
- Study in a quiet and comfortable place with good lighting and little distractions

Test Taking Skill Tips
- Attend class right before a test
- Review previous tests, quizzes, notes, and assignments
- Ask teacher specific areas emphasized on a test
- Get 8 hours of sleep the night before a test
- Eat healthy before a test

For additional support, click on the following educational link:

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